Bob Trochta

Jan 12, 2022

We highly recommend Bailey Moran for selling a home in the Austin real estate market. She is knowledgeable, efficient and a joy to work with. She and her team did an excellent job selling our house quickly and with complete satisfaction. Bailey provided thorough and organized information from the beginning, clearly demonstrating her very professional and practical approach to marketing and serving the needs of the client. She kept us informed at each step along the way. At no time did we feel left out or uninformed on the status, activity or comparable position of the property in the marketplace Bailey showed a clear understanding of the complexities of a real estate proposal and how to respond to the details of the offer. Her experience in negotiations, whether representing the buyer or seller, obviously enabled her to interpret proposals quickly and propose responses precisely for the desired results. The Bramlett Residential organization provided extensive support functions throughout the marketing process, completing them efficiently and methodically. Again, Bailey’s experience proved effective as arrangements for the closing process were completed and carried out without delays. It was a pleasure working with Bailey from start to finish.

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