Brian W.

Apr 12, 2023

Ruth Powers of Realty Austin is a top notch real-estate agent. I have used her services for my first house, back in 2003, based upon a review of her by a close friend, and she did not fail to disappoint. I was a bachelor at the time, and we bachelors are typically done in 5 or 6 showings. Not me – I made it to 15 houses before deciding. She was behind me all the way, and even took me to a few houses she did NOT recommend I purchase, just to show me the difference of what makes a good vs house. I have recommended her to my friends ever since, and she has delighted them as much as me. Fast forward to now and why I am writing this review no longer a bachelor, and we needed to move. Ruth engaged with my wife and I and helped us navigate the (for us) uncharted waters of selling and buying at the same time. She did so with grace no doubt based on her years of experience, and fought hard for us to be able to close on both deals. We nearly lost our purchase 3 times due to adverse actions on the part of the seller, but she kept up the pressure. She worked with us to make our target numbers in both directions, and was exemplary in all areas. I really can’t recommend her any more highly.

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