Connor K.

Mar 11, 2022

My wife and I just closed on our first house thanks to Eric Engberg at Bramlett. Working with Eric, the process could not have been more smooth and stress-free — even in this crazy Austin area property market. Eric was organized, super-responsive, and most importantly he was really receptive to our thoughts and concerns throughout. I think the latter was central to the process going so well. He’s a great listener and sussed out where we were at, and what challenges we would face, early in the process. This allowed us to build a great rapport and get to the point where we could honestly discuss any issue, including ones that may have been uncomfortable absent this relationship. The upshot of this was that we were fully apprised of all the problems and roadblocks to getting to closing day well before they happened. I’ll leave it at that but I could go on at length! Just give him a call and see for yourself.