deanna gates b

Apr 1, 2024

Carson helped make our cross-country move to Austin go very well, especially since my husband had to move to Austin several months before the rest of us and I could not even be present to select our new home! Carson helped us identify the area(s) of the community that would work for our family’s needs and he helped us set an appropriate budget for our new home, since housing prices in this area are considerably higher than our former city. We had to spend more than we originally wanted but were still well below our loan threshold, which fits with our conservative approach to debt. Once we started considering houses, on several occasions Carson visited potential homes on his own to vet them for us due to my husband’s demanding schedule at his work. This helped my husband save time. For the short list, Carson and my husband connected with me via cell phone video to include me in the home showings in “real time.” Ultimately, the home we ended up buying was perfect for our family and was actually a good value even in today’s seller’s market. Carson also negotiated with the sellers to put on a new roof so that was an added bonus. Our family is very grateful to Carson for his knowledge and diligence.

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