May 7, 2024

I’m really blessed to have found Barrett via my good friend Tamaghna. I would run out of
superlatives or adjectives if I were to describe my experiences of interacting with him.
Although the hunt for my first purchase did take a while as I took some time off to let
the market cool down, which eventually never happened. But this is where my first
impressions of Barret came in when he didn’t push me or forward me anything out of
desperation. This is something which I really appreciate that he put himself in my shoes
& tried to look at things from my perspective. Since this was going to be an investment
property, he also helped me with cashback analysis & often indicated when it didn’t
make sense to go ahead.
Coming back to the Isabel home which we closed recently, Barrett did all the heavy
lifting. The last few weeks had been pretty hectic on the work front, but I am glad that he
had my back & guided me through the process, often proactively to avoid any
last-minute rush. His connections especially on the inspection, lender & title companies
made it feel like a breeze, especially for a remote buyer like me.
As I said I could go on and on with specific situations or incidents, but the underlying
thing is that I have found a new friend or partner in him. He is simply the best & can’t
wait to work with him again.

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