Apr 1, 2024

Carson Gallagher at Realty Austin has been involved in every Real Estate transaction we’ve ever done over the last 16 years. We’ve bought 3 homes with him, sold 1, and rented another. We keep coming back because of his knowledge, but even more so because of the trust we have in him as an advisor. This last search started during the boom here in Austin. In the face of that market craziness, our target locations, priorities, and even our comfort level on prices fluctuated, sometimes week to week. Carson had immense patience in a search that took us all over the greater Austin area and went on for 5 months in earnest. He helped us dodge two different bullets, first when we fell in love with a house that had major issues he spotted for us, and second when we fatigued of the search and effectively settled on a house that wasn’t right for us. In both cases his advice kept us from making a very big mistake and ultimately led us to a place that we absolutely love. In the search before that, Carson helped us find a condo in about 3 weeks that we loved for 9 years. The length of this last search was truly a combo of the market conditions and our indecision. I cannot recommend him enough. He truly cares that you find a home that you are excited about. He really listens and works to understand what’s important to you. He has a good sense of when to step in and give advice, but gives you the tools to direct your search in the way you want. We’re thrilled with where we are, but if/when it comes time to buy or sell another property, Carson will be our first call.

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