Company Guide

Thanks for visiting our internal company guide! As a local mid-sized brokerage, we truly offer outsized services and opportunities. Because of that, we often answer the same questions. This guide is an attempt to organize our brokerage services, opportunities, and policies so that everyone can more easily help themselves find what they need!

Do you have specific questions?

  • You can find how to get questions answered on our Contact page. In general, you can quickly get questions answered on our Facebook Group, by emailing [email protected] (for collaboration), and by emailing our staff at [email protected]. Please take a moment to read our Contact page to find best practices for communication.
  • Our Frequently Asked Questions section is another great place to start.
  • Services cover our Listing Coordination, Courier, and Transaction Coordination Services.
  • Marketing: We provide social media and graphic design services that you can read about here.
  • Tech: This goes over Realscale AI and FollowUpBoss, as well as Google Workspace.
  • Lead Opportunities: You can find how to sign up for leads here. This also covers Leads Eligibility and policies.
  • Policies: We try to keep our policies and best practices as light as possible, but we do expect that everyone read, understand, and implement these.
Helpful Resources