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Posted Sep 21, 2022

How to Fix Mailtrack if its Not Working

Did stop working? Here’s how you can fix it.

Posted Sep 12, 2022

1) Community Vendor: David Mescher w/ Armadillo Insurance 2) Market Statistics & “What’s next?” The demand decline is flattening / has flattened out. We generally consider 3 months a trend. We now have two months in the -25% range. The trend was -32% in June, -25% in July, & -24%…

Posted Sep 9, 2022

Most buyers will follow your lender recommendation. However, there will always be buyers who want to find their own lender. It’s a reasonable decision when you don’t understand the true landscape of mortgage lending. Buyers who want to find and use their own lender generally have one or more of…

Posted Sep 9, 2022

Most listing agents will upload all pertinent documents to the MLS when they list the property. (We always do this for very good reasons.) However, not all listing agents do this. When your client is ready to make an offer and you’re in this situation, then do the following: 1) Let your…

Posted Sep 9, 2022

We always look to “What’s in my client’s best interest?” when making decisions and recommendations. When you’re representing a buyer, there is very little upside to writing in your preferred title company over the listing agent’s. Right or wrong, it’s very standard in our market for the seller to choose…

Posted Sep 6, 2022

Every agent has their own unique market update and main landing pages. You can share these links in email, on social, etc, and the leads will be assigned to you.

Posted Aug 20, 2022

I was recently on an email thread where high producing and newer agents were discussing how to build their SOI business. It’s a great email thread with lots of good ideas (and plans for collaborating and sharing more good ideas.) Lauren Y was on the thread. Lauren has built a…

Posted Aug 4, 2022

Round table discussion on August 4, 2022 presenting strategies to help your sellers succeed after the 2022 market shift.

Posted Aug 2, 2022

1) Community Vendor: Conni Sugden w/ Design Rewind 2) Very Preliminary Market Statistics *Since these were run on August 2, we can expect the numbers to change somewhat as agents report to the MLS* 5-County Average Sold Price July 2022 = $653,481 May 2022 = $685,318 | July is down…

Posted Jul 27, 2022

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