Posted Jul 18, 2023
Posted Jul 18, 2023
Posted May 9, 2022

ABOR Remine Class (May 9, 2022)

ABOR class overview of Remine

Posted Mar 18, 2022

Many homes in Austin have “open permits” which means that they have permits that are labeled “Active” or “Expired” with the city. This can be a problem because the city will not allow you to have an expired permit before opening a new permit. So, if I have a property…

Posted Mar 10, 2022

Are you intimidated by the FUB Daily because it’s so overwhelming? Maybe you’ve ignored it for a long time and your tasks are in the 1000+ range? No worries, man! 3 simple steps: Commit to 1 hour a day to complete your FUB Daily Go to tasks and click on…

Posted Feb 28, 2022

Open House Master Class w/Kasey Gilliam

Learn how to host a bumping open house and gain clients using Kasey’s proven techniques.

Posted Feb 16, 2022

State of the Union with Max Leaman of Loan People

Max Leaman, fearless leader of Loan People, will join us to speak about what they’re seeing on the ground with appraisals, multiple offers, interest rates an…

Posted Jan 19, 2022
Posted Oct 28, 2021

Listing Series – Part 3

The Listing Presentation

Posted Oct 20, 2021

Listing Series – Part 2

Market Stats, CMAs and Pricing

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