Round Tables

Posted Oct 14, 2022
Posted Oct 7, 2022

Annual Real Estate Review R/T 10-6-2022

We started recording ~10 minutes into this. Sorry!

Posted Aug 4, 2022

Round table discussion on August 4, 2022 presenting strategies to help your sellers succeed after the 2022 market shift.

Posted May 26, 2022 Learn how to make the most of our graphic design services. Understand what asynchronous communication is, what details to include when you’re talking with designers, and how you can effectively provide feedback.

Posted Apr 27, 2022

Lauren Yoder, Craig McGuire, and Linda Baddour lead a round table to discuss best practices when working with buyers.

Posted Mar 24, 2022  

Posted Jan 26, 2022

Lead Conversion Round Table (Jan 25, 2022)

What do top producers do in the first 24 hours after they make contact with a buyer lead?

Posted Jun 16, 2021

Round Table – SOI Nurture

We will discuss as a group the best way to nurture your sphere of influence and increase referral business. The best way to get new ideas is through a hive m…

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