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  • Efficiency/Productivity Hacks – Links & Quick Hacks
    Change your ekey setting so that you only login once/day. Open the app > More (3 dots in the bottom right) > Settings > Require PIN Only Once Per Day.   Get a second monitor, which is proven to increase productivity by 20-30%. Did your client unsubscribe from Matrix property updates and now wants new updates? […]
  • Email Batching
    You wouldn’t do your laundry every time you have a new pair of dirty socks… Email is an excellent communication tool when used as intended – as an electronic message that doesn’t require an immediate response. When you train others to expect a response to email periodically (not immediately) you’ll gain the freedom to be […]
  • Links to App Tutorials that Save Huge Time
    Zipform Templates: These set up the forms w/ entries for common transaction types. Ex. A Buyer Template w/ the 1-4 contract, financing, etc and with the Broker Info (and other items) already filled out. I was actually angry at myself when I learned how easy these are and how much time they save. (Eric B) […]
  • Breaking a Big Project into Smaller Tasks
    You don’t shove an entire burger in your mouth; You eat it in smaller bites. When you have a large project you need to finish (and are maybe dreading) it’s best to break into smaller, easier-to-digest (and complete) tasks. The basic idea is this: Take this big project and turn it into multiple smaller projects, […]
  • How to Quickly Get an IRS Tax Transcript
    The IRS can sometimes be very slow in providing tax lien payoffs. Here is a hack that may help expedite the payoff information. Call the IRS at 800-829-1040 Press 1 for English Press 2 for Personal Income Tax Press 1 for Form, Tax history or Payment Press 3 for all other questions Press 2 for […]

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