Quick Tutorials

  • How To Manually Enter Showing Feedback on ShowingTime
    1. Go to the “Showings” tab on the left hand side 2. Select “On My Listings” 3. Find the showing that you’re entering feedback for and click “View/Modify” 4. On the Appointment Details screen that pops up, find the “Listing Contacts” and click “Send Message” 5. Type the feedback in from the showing agent and […]
  • How to Withdraw a Listing
    How to Withdraw a Listing Uploaded by Bramlett Residential Real Estate on 2022-11-29. 1) Login to MLS, go to Add/Edit, and change the status to “Hold” 2) While there, copy the MLS number. Email [email protected] and ask them to withdraw the listing, referencing the MLS number.
  • How to Look Up and Email Agents Who Sell in a Certain Area
    Search for agents who have sold in a certain area and export the info so that you can email them about Coming Soon, Off Market, etc…
  • Agent Market Update Landing Pages & Main Landing Pages
    Every agent has their own unique market update and main landing pages. You can share these links in email, on social, etc, and the leads will be assigned to you.
  • Client Portal Now Sending Property View Info to FUB
    We just pushed an update where the Client Portal is now sending property view information to FUB. Here’s how you can leverage that information in order to follow up with your clients and leads! Client Portal Sending in Property Views We just released an update where the Client Portal is now sending in property view […]

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