List Systematically for Success

Listing properties successfully is a straightforward process, but it’s critical that you follow every step. By consistently following this process, you will always know that your listing has the greatest chance of fetching the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Property Preparation

    • Repair perceived deficiencies
    • Make high ROI improvements
    • Provide a staging consultation for occupied properties
  2. Effective Marketing

    • Accommodate easy and convenient showings using the trackable Supra lockbox
    • Provide professional photography
    • Schedule 1-2 open houses the first weekend (and only the first weekend)
    • Create a single property website
    • Provide a sign, flyer plate, and single property business cards
    • Market the property on the MLS, national portals, local portals, by email, and through social media
    • Provide a detailed and complete disclosure package on the first day of the listing
  3. Work Offers Systematically

    • Agree on a multiple offer process prior to listing.
    • Don’t allow pre-MLS showings or offers
    • List on Wednesday or Thursday
    • Respond to offers within a reasonable timeframe (generally within 24 hours)
  4. Price Appropriately

    • Provide market statistics: Inventory, Average Days on Market, and Median Days on Market
    • Explain seasonality and its impact
    • Provide a price range recommendation: Competitive, Goldilocks, Optimistic

Listing Systematically Ensures Your Sellers' Success!

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