Listing Coordination & CTC Overview

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Our Listing Support and Contract to close Services have been fine-tuned over the past 10 years and 1000+ transactions. These services are designed to assist our agents with the many details involved in transactions so that they can focus on their client relationships, advice, and negotiations. These services are broken into Listing Coordination (pre-listing and while on the market), Contract to Close (after under contract), and Courier Services (IRL running errands.)
  Listing Coordination ($350) helps you handle everything from the point you have signed a listing agreement until the property is listed on the MLS. This includes disclosure documents, marketing information, pictures, and showing instructions. The full list is incredibly detailed.

Courier Services ($200) handle the "In Real Life" tasks like running signs, lockboxes, and marketing materials and coordinating getting keys from your client.

Contract to Close ($100) are handled on the buyer or seller side (each with its own set of processes) and helps you make sure that all compliance documents are received, checks that outside parties are performing, and updates your client as important deadlines and milestones approach or are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my responsibility and what is the Listing Support Team’s responsibility?

    At a high level, your responsibility is providing advice & managing the client’s expectations and relationship. This is your client that the team is assisting. If your client has factual questions like “What is an ECAD?” the support team will seamlessly assist. If your client has questions that require guidance like pricing, timing, or seller’s disclosure advice, we will notify you immediately so that you can step in. Likewise, if your client needs simple design/copy changes to our flyer templates, we will seamlessly assist. If your client requests design changes that our template can’t accommodate, or if it seems like your client is becoming dissatisfied with our process, we will notify you immediately so that you can step in.
  • How much advanced notice does the LC Team need in order to take a listing live?

    The listing coordination team needs at least 2 weeks' notice (more is better) to implement all the services. A two-week timeline is going to feel very tight for you and your client if there is property preparation involved so if you are anticipating a stager consultation you should aim for 3-4 weeks' notice. You as the agent are responsible for scheduling a stager and assisting your client with the suggested property prep. Make sure to budget the right amount of time for your client to get everything completed. Photos must be received by staff at least two full days ahead of the list date. If you want to take your listing live on Wednesday, we need pics by EOD Mon.
  • When do I pay for these services?

    These are paid for at closing on the Financials in Transactify.
  • What if my listing doesn’t sell?

    You pay for these services only if your listing sells.
  • What happens if a property goes under contract and then that contract falls through?

    Roughly 10% of contracts fall through, and most do during the option period. This is why we wait to put an “Under Contract” rider on the sign until after the option period. If your contract falls through, we will “reset” the listing, take it live, and resume the listing process. There are no additional fees and you still pay when the property ultimately sells.
  • Will the courier service make extra trips to the property if I need them?

    If a mistake was made by the support staff, then we will absolutely make extra trips. If extra trips are required for other reasons, then typically, we will not. Courier services are very time consuming and can be disruptive if they are not planned in advance. Last minute trip requests typically affect all other processes in a negative way, so we try to avoid them as much as possible.

Miscellaneous Policies

  • Company Lead listings are required to use Listing Coordination & Contract to Close services. Courier services are not required, but are recommended. These fees are paid “Before Split” meaning the company pays for an equal portion and the agent pays an equal portion.
  • Listings must be input at least 2 weeks prior to taking the listing live in order for the LC Team to complete all pre-listing tasks. The LC Team must receive photos at least 2 full days prior to the listing date. If you want your listing live on Wed, we need pics no later than EOD on Monday.
  • Agent Generated listings are not required to use any services (though it is recommended.) The fees are paid “After Split” due to our cap system.
  • Listing Coordination > Contract to Close > Courier Services. You can use the Listing Coordination Services on their own. You must use Listing Coordination in order to use Contract to Close. You must use Listing Coordination & Contract to Close in order to use the Courier Services. This is in the interest of maintaining an efficient system.
  • While not really a policy, I’d like to point out how beneficial the Listing Coordination & Contract to Close services are. These are systems that have been fine-tuned on 400+ transactions over the years (with hundreds of happy reviews as a result.) Many agents micromanage every detail of their listings, which is not to your or your clients’ benefit. Your time is best spent advising your clients, setting expectations, & assisting in negotiations. When you free yourself from these mundane details, this allows you to use your time to its highest & best use. By using our Listing Support Services, it forces you into a proven, successful system, and will help you build great habits and become a better listing agent.
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