Courier Services

Courier Services | $200

Our courier services truly allow you to “set it and forget it”. Let the Listing Support Team physically deliver all assets to the property while you focus on production.

  1. Keys, Sign, & Lockbox(es) Coordination

    The courier communicates with the Seller & Listing Agent to arrange a time to pick up a copy of the property key. If necessary, the courier will make a copy of the key and leave the original at the property. The courier will then drop off and place the For Sale sign, the Supra lockbox, the flyer plate, & the combination lockbox.

  2. Print Marketing Drop Off

    The courier will drop off print marketing within 3 business days after the clients have approved the flyers. Bear in mind that this takes considerable planning & foresight if you would like the flyers to be available on “opening weekend.”

  3. Under Contract Rider

    The courier will install the Under Contract sign rider within 3 business days after the option period has expired.

  4. Inventory Pickup at Closing

    The courier will pick up the sign, flyer plate, rider, & lockboxes no later than 1 business day after closing (and typically the day of or before closing.) CTC & the courier communicate with the buyer’s agent to arrange delivery of the property keys to title or to the buyers after funding.

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