Lead Opportunities Overview

We've built our leads program over the past decade to provide a high volume of warm, viable, inbound leads to our agents. We view our leads as opportunities that are available to our agents when they want to build their pipelines and close more business.

Leads Duty

The most productive way to claim new leads is to sign up for Leads Duty. When you take a remote Leads Duty shift, you and one other agent will have the first opportunity to claim any new inbound lead that comes into the office.

Lead Ponds

When leads are not claimed by a Leads Duty agent, they are assigned to a pond. You have the opportunity to preview these leads and claim them when you would like to work them. This is a great way to get new business without the obligation of working a full Leads Duty shift.

Eligibility and Expectations

We pride ourselves on only hiring the best agents, so we don't micromanage (and we never will.) We do have a checklist of "musts" for any agent who takes Leads Duty.

Seller Leads

Seller leads must always be referred to the Listings Team. Seller leads are very different than buyer leads and must be worked in an extremely systematic way. If you have more questions about seller leads or the Listing Team in general, we are always happy to discuss this!

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