Eligibility & Expectations


Did we mention that we hate micro-management? We really do. We also want as many Lead Duty shifts covered as possible because Lead Duty greatly increases our overall conversion rate! Because of this, we keep our requirements and expectations as simple as possible.

Lead Duty Requirements

  1. Always follow our policies and best practices.
  2. Understand and follow your marketing agreement.
  3. Keep your FUB Notifications settings for new leads on at all times.
  4. Make sure your email is connected with FUB.
  5. Make sure you're added to our Zillow Team.
  6. Ask questions and don't make assumptions.


Why did we separate expectations and requirements? Aren't expectations also requirements? Well, yes, sort of. Our expectations are process expectations, which means they're the habits that we expect everyone to build. We know that everyone is human and humans make mistakes, which means these expectations can't be followed perfectly. However, we do expect that everyone build these habits and follow these processes as closely as possible. If these are obviously ignored, then we will discuss Lead Duty eligibility.

Lead Duty Expectations

  1. Work or pass every lead.
  2. Use the FUB dialer for outbound "new lead" calls and FUB text messaging for outbound "new lead" texts.
  3. Use the Lead Conversion Secret Sauce.
  4. Make 5 contact attempts the first week.
  5. Complete the FollowUpBoss Daily Workflow 5 days/week
  6. Ask questions and don't make assumptions.


While we don't micromanage, we do troubleshoot. FollowUpBoss has robust reporting features that allow us to help you identify where there are any weaknesses. The easiest place to check to see how you're doing with regards to speed-to-lead and followup is the FUB Leaderboard. When you see a lot of phone calls, texts, and emails there, you know that everything is likely great!
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