FollowUpBoss Daily Workflow

Your FUB Daily Workflow ensures that you don't let any leads fall through the cracks. FUB does an amazing job of reminding you who you need to F/U with. It accomplishes this by auto-assigning F/U tasks and by notifying you who in your pipeline (and sphere) are active. Active clients are those who open emails and/or visit the website. When you complete your FUB Daily Workflow, you will close more deals.
Here is a 5-minute presentation on your FUB Daily Workflow. If you'd like to start this video from the beginning, then it's a 10-minute presentation on the "Wildly Important Goal" of following up with your leads and clients every day for 30 minutes at 9 AM.

Stages, Smart Lists & Task Automation

Smart Lists and Tasks work properly when your Stages are correct and updated. Smart Lists look for a combination of contact behavior and Stage categorization. Tasks are automatically created entirely based on the Stage categorization. An important first step is to make sure that everyone in your database has the correct Stage.
  • Lead

    All new inquiries are categorized as a "Lead". This is a person who you have yet to make contact with. After you've made contact with the lead, you'll know their time frame, so you can change their Stage.
  • Active (Hot!) 0-3 Months

    This is a buyer or seller who plans to buy or list within the next 0-3 months. These are your hot clients who you need to contact a lot! You probably communicate with them naturally.
  • Active (Warm) 3-6 Months

    This is a buyer or seller who plans to buy or list within the next 3-6 months. These are your clients who can slip through the cracks (without proper Daily FUB habits.)
  • Long-Term Nurture 6+ Months

    This is a buyer or seller who plans to buy or list in 6 or more months. These are the most common clients to slip through the cracks and lose. With consistent Daily F/U, you won't lose them!
  • Pending or Listing Agg Signed

    These clients are effectively converted. You have them under contract or you've signed a Listing Agreement with them.
  • Closed

    These clients have already closed. Hopefully, they'll send you referrals, and/or you'll help them buy and sell in the future!
  • Sphere

    These are your SOI clients. Family, friends, etc... This stage is treated the same as Closed, so there's no real reason to move a Closed stage to Sphere or vice versa.
  • Colleagues (Agents, Title, Lender, etc)

    Your colleagues often make their way into FUB and there's no reason to delete them or trash them. Just label them as colleagues and the system handles everything correctly.
  • Dead Lead (Still Gets Newsletter)

    This is the Stage you should default to when a lead is no longer viable. There is rarely a reason *not* to send someone a newsletter, so choose this Stage most of the time.
  • Trash

    You should only label a lead Trash when it's spam or a solicitor.
  • Visitor / Caller

    We use this Stage for internal tracking and processes. You should never label anyone at this Stage.

Smart Lists

Smart Lists are lists that we've built that automatically show you where you have opportunities. You navigate to Smart Lists by first going to the People tab.

A List of Smart Lists

  1. Follow Up Now!:

    This is for contacts that were added over a week ago and have had activity in the last 3 days (opened the newsletter, an old email, etc) and you have not reached out to them in the last 3 days.
  2. Follow Up Now 2!:

    This is for contacts who were added over a week ago and you have not communicated within the last week. (The difference in this one vs "follow up now #1" is they do not have any activity opening previous emails/newsletters.
  3. New Lead:

    This is a lead that has come in within the last 30 days that you have not communicated within the last 3 days.
  4. Long-Term Nurture:

    This is someone you have placed as a stage "long-term nurture" that you have not reached out to in 2 weeks.
  5. SOI Nurture:

    This is someone who has had activity opening something up in the last week that you have not reached out to in 90 days and who has a stage of "closed, pending, sphere, or listing agreement signed".
  6. All Ponds:

    These are unclaimed Lead Pond opportunities.


Tasks are automatically generated from Action Plans that we apply to leads. You can also manually create tass. Your tasks are found in the top navigation.
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