Lead Conversion Secret Sauce

There are lots and lots of lead conversion strategies out there. It gets very confusing and overwhelming very quickly. As huge fans of the Pareto Principle, we wanted to identify "The 20 that causes the 80", or "What should be my primary focus?" Or, my favorite, "If I just do this, everything works." If you follow the Lead Conversion Secret Sauce, you can literally ignore everything else, or everything else becomes extra credit (however you'd like to look at it.)

Lead Conversion Secret Sauce

  1. Speed to Lead:

    Follow up w/ all leads within 5 minutes and use the Call, Text, Email method.
  2. Call, Text, Email (in that order) using this exact process.

    First try to call. If they don't answer, then send a text. Send an email after you call and text. If you do speak on the phone, send a recap email.
  3. Build Expert Searches & Send Expert Emails:

    This positions you as the expert and this person will want to work with you. Follow this process exactly.
  4. Follow Up Regularly:

    Follow up with (almost) everyone weekly. Use the FollowUpBoss Daily Workflow.
  5. Meet Anyone in Person Once:

    With few exceptions, it's worth meeting anyone in person once to view properties. (Use common sense, though.)
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