Lead Ponds

Lead Ponds are a FUB feature that allows us to make leads available to lots of agents at once. You get to preview the lead to see if it's a good fit, and if you think it is, you then claim the lead. Rather than "push" leads to agents (who are then obligated to work them), Lead Ponds alllow us to make opportunities available to you and you choose whether or not you would like to take them. Lead Ponds truly give you the power!

New Lead Notifications & Workflow

When a new lead is released to a pond, you will receive a push notification on your phone and a browser notification if you have FUB open on your laptop. Since most of us work primarily from our phones, we've provided screenshots below. Once you understand the workflow on your phone, the desktop workflow is easy.

Step 1

New Lead Pond Notification

Step 2

Preview the Lead. Is it a Fit?

Step 3

It is? Click Here to Assign to Yourself

Step 4

Self Assignment Screen


Unclaimed / Overflow Leads & Workflow

These are leads that have not been claimed by an agent as they were received. (This isn't ideal due to speed-to-lead goals, but it happens.) Since these leads have not been serviced quickly, there is generally a lower conversion rate, but there are absolutely opportunities here. When you claim these leads, understand that consistent follow-up is necessary. Also, understand that these are awesome opportunities to increase your production! It's a best practice to claim and work these leads from your laptop, and it usually makes sense to do so as part of your Daily FollowUp.
  1. Login to FUB > Nav to People > Nav to "All Ponds"

  2. Call, Text, Email (in that order)

  3. Build Expert Searches & Send Expert Emails:

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