Leads Duty

Taking Leads Duty shifts is the most reliable and effective way for you to quickly build your pipeline. When you take a Leads Duty shift, you will have the first opportunity to claim new leads and to directly answer inbound calls. These leads are inbound inquiries from buyers who have found us online.

Remote Shifts

All Leads Duty shifts are remote, meaning you work them from home while running errands, while working on lead follow-up, etc... The only requirement is that you are available to answer the phone and to quickly follow up with new leads.

No Obligation

You are never obligated to work with any specific lead. If a lead is obviously not viable, then you're free to politely end the call or move the inquiry to trash. We do expect that all viable leads are serviced, but if a specific lead isn't in your service area, then we ask that you make sure they're taken care of by another Bramlett agent.


Leads Duty is a highly effective way to build your pipeline. During the busy spring and summer months, you can expect to meet 2-5 viable leads per shift. During the slower fall and winter months, the expectation is 1 viable lead per shift.

Where Do These Leads Come From?

We have more than 15 marketing channels and we're always testing new techniques and sources. We use sophisticated tracking so that we always know where a lead was sourced. What's important to you is to know that the messaging is designed to provide inbound inquiries.

How Do I Receive These Leads?

Every lead will come in either by direct phone call or through FollowUpBoss assignment.
Inbound call volume varies throughout the year, but you can generally expect to see 10-15 inbound calls per shift. Of these, you can usually expect to see 1-2 viable leads.

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Roughly half of our leads come in through web form, email, or website chat (which has been handled to some degree.) When this happens, you'll be assigned the lead through FollowUpBoss.

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Shift Details & Expectations

Leads Duty shifts are Mon-Fri and are either an AM shift, a Mid-Day shift, or a PM shift. There are 2 agents per shift. An AM shift is from 8 am to Noon, a Mid-Day shift is from noon-4 pm and a PM shift is from 4 pm to 8 pm. You are expected to follow our Leads Duty Policies, which are designed to maximize your lead conversion and productivity. At its most basic, you're expected to answer calls, follow up with inquiries within 5 minutes, and provide great customer service by being knowledgeable, helpful, and available. When you take a PM shift, you'll receive web leads until the following morning, but you're not expected to F/U past 8 pm. (Weekend Lead Duty shifts are a little different and you can find more info at the "Read More" link below.)

Seller Leads

For a myriad of reasons, our Listing Team must service all seller leads. You will certainly receive seller leads over the phone and seller leads will sometimes be assigned to you by mistake in FollowUpBoss. When this happens, you need to make sure these sellers get to the Listing Team quickly and efficiently.
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