Details & Expectations

  • Leads Duty "shifts" are Mon-Fri from 8 am-Noon (AM), Noon-4 pm (Mid-Day), and 4 pm-8 pm (PM).
  • Weekend Leads Duty "shifts" are handled slightly differently. Click here for more info.
  • During Leads Duty, please don't schedule any appointments that would last longer than 30 minutes. Don't eat lunch with a friend unless you're willing to be rude and constantly check your phone and answer calls. Don't work out unless you'll do the same. Be ready to have exceptional speed to lead. (Within 5 minutes.)
  • Always carry your clipboard with 10+ Lead Intake Forms ready to fill out. Always carry your laptop or tablet with you so that you can immediately enter any new inbound call into FUB.
  • You must physically be in Austin (not out of town) when you take Leads Duty. If you're driving and you answer a call (or if a lead comes in through FUB) please pull over to talk with the lead or respond to them. Please make sure that you can take a call without distracting background noise (dogs barking, kids talking, loud TV, etc...)
  • Please make every effort to answer as many calls as possible, but don't "hog" calls. If you answer one call, let it ring once before answering the next call so that your partner has a chance.
  • is a secondary MLS with only $2M+ listings. In order to be eligible to work $2M+ buyer calls, you must sign up for ALN prior to taking the call. If you are not already a member and a $2M+ buyer calls in, you must pass the buyer to another agent who is.


  • Follow up with every web lead within 5 minutes by Call, Text, and Email (in that order.)
  • ALWAYS use the FUB dialer for outbound "new lead" calls and FUB text messaging for outbound "new lead" texts.
  • Send a quick "recap email" to every inbound phone call lead that you talk with directly after you complete the call.
  • Always follow our Lead Conversion Secret Sauce.
  • Work or pass every lead. If a lead wants to view a home and you're not available, pass it. If a lead needs help in an area you're not comfortable with, pass it.
  • Make 5 contact attempts the first week.
  • Time block 1 hour every morning for Daily Follow Up. Complete the FollowUpBoss Daily Workflow 5 days/week
  • Ask questions and don't make assumptions.

Lead Conversion Secret Sauce

Lead conversion is surprisingly straightforward. If you follow each step exactly, you will absolutely be successful. Here's how you can access the LCQ templates super quickly.

  1. Speed to Lead:

    Follow up w/ all leads within 5 minutes and use the Call, Text, Email method.
  2. Call, Text, Email (in that order) using this exact process.

    First, try to call. If they don't answer, then send a text. Send an email after you call and text. If you do speak on the phone, send a recap email.
  3. Build Expert Searches & Send Expert Emails:

    This positions you as the expert and this person will want to work with you. Follow this process exactly.
  4. Follow Up Regularly:

    Time block 1 hour every morning for Daily Follow-Up using the FollowUpBoss Daily Workflow.
  5. Meet Anyone in Person Once:

    With few exceptions, it's worth meeting anyone in person once to view properties. (Use common sense, though.)

Weekend Lead Duty Shifts

These Weekend shifts are a great opportunity to pick up more clients while you're out showing. On the weekends, the phones go to the receptionist, where they're processed to web intake forms. We have slightly longer shifts on Weekend Lead Duty and we ask that you follow up with all leads within 15 minutes. It's expected (and you're encouraged) to still work with clients and to go about your life. Check your phone for new leads periodically and briefly excuse yourself to send a text/email to new leads when they come in. On the weekends, we don't require the strict "Call/Text/Email" process. We ask that you text/email new leads to schedule a call within 15 minutes of the lead coming in.

Tracking & Daily Audits

While we don't micromanage, we do make sure that agents follow up consistently and follow the LCQ. You'll hear from us through FUB when you're doing an awesome job and you'll also hear from us when the LCQ hasn't been followed or if it looks like you're not staying on top of your Daily Follow Up.
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