Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't we just use a receptionist?

    Like a lot of great ideas, we have tried this! When we tested an (awesome) in-house receptionist, we lost 70% of the qualified leads that she spoke to during the time it took to connect the lead to an agent. When we moved to "direct to agent" phone calls, our conversion rate tripled. We learned that buyers call a real estate agent/team/office and want to talk with an expert "right now." As soon as they talk with a great agent, they stop calling other agents. We do understand that it's frustrating to answer a bunch of calls that are not qualified buyers. You have to simply "take the bad with the good" and ignore the non-leads. When you do this, you'll build your pipeline quickly, and you'll have a great time in the process!
  • What happens if my Leads Duty Partner hogs all the calls?

    They shouldn't do that! :) If that happens, call your Leads Duty Partner and politely ask them to give you a chance to answer some calls. It generally works well to trade-off. If you answered the last call, let the next call ring 1-2 times before you pick it up.
  • What should I do if a renter calls in?

    It's great to have a script for renters or other non-leads (who we can't service.) Politely get them off the phone by referring them to, Yelp, or Google.
  • How do these people find us?

    We have 15+ proven marketing channels and are usually testing 1-5 new channels at any given time. Generally, these buyers find us somewhere online, but we also use offline channels. The commonality is that these people are actual leads/inquiries - they know who we are and they're reaching out to us. You just need to show them that you're a great agent who they want to work with and you'll have a new client!
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