Seller Leads

Seller leads are very different than buyers and they must be worked in a very specific way. Because of this, we have a smaller number of agents on the Listing Team and all seller leads must be directed to the Listing Team.

How to Handle Seller Leads

  • Inbound Phone Calls

    On Leads Duty, you will invariably take a call from a seller who wants to sell their home. When this happens, please take down all of their information, including the property address, and let them know that someone from our Listing Team will call them back. Enter them into Follow Up Boss, add the property address into "background" or add a note, add the tag "listing team" or "listing lead", and it will get routed automatically. You don't need to do anything else.
  • What if They Want to Buy & Sell?

    If the seller is both buying & selling, then it is considered a seller lead. One of our listing agents will handle the sell side. The listing agent will make every best effort to refer the buy side back to the duty agent. This sometimes isn't possible - the buyer/seller may want to work with only one agent. When that happens, the listing agent will help the buyer/seller with both sides, but referring the buy side back to the duty agent is always the goal.
  • A Seller Lead is Mistakenly Assigned to You

    Most of our leads are routed automatically (this is why you'll see junk leads come through.) Sometimes, a seller lead will be misrouted and you will be assigned a seller lead when you're on Leads Duty. When this happens, please add the tag "listing team" or "listing lead", and it will get routed automatically to whoever is on Listing Team Leads Duty.

How Can I Join the Listings Team?

Seller leads are really, really, really hard (and expensive) to generate. No, really, we've been at it for years and it's one of the more difficult marketing problems to solve. Because of this, there is a lower volume of seller leads which are much more expensive to generate. These two facts (lower volume, high cost) mean that there are fewer opportunities for seller leads and that it's very important that we close them in order to remain profitable. Likewise, there is a relatively large back office team behind our Listing Program (the Listing Coordination Team) that relies on consistency. Our Listing Program is incredibly systemized starting from the initial seller inquiry response, into the listing presentation, and through a highly detailed listing process. I am 100% certain that there are other successful ways to work listings, but the Listing Team never deviates from our own process (which is proven and effective.) Opportunities do come up for us to add new agents to the Listing Team, but they are infrequent. When we need to take on another agent for the Listing Team, we don't simply look for the highest producer. We look for agents who have a history of following our processes and who have a history of creating lots of happy clients. We look for the following:
  • A strong history of closing lots of company deals. This shows us that you know how to work leads.
  • Lots and lots of great reviews.
  • A history of following company best practices on personal deals.
  • Strong use of the FUB dialer and text messages (trackable behavior.)
  • Consistent use of the FUB Daily Workflow (consistent F/U.)
  • Consistent execution of the Lead Conversion Secret Sauce.
We aren't as strict with regard to exact processes for our buyer leads. We do expect fast and thorough follow-up using the dialer, but agents are generally allowed to use their own processes when they're consistently converting. Our seller leads require strict adherence to very defined processes. When we see that an agent follows our buyer processes exactly, it's safe to assume that they'll do so with seller leads, as well.
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