Agent Marketing Assets

Yard signs & riders

All yard signs, including "for sale", "for lease", "open house" and riders are available to purchase through Stokes. To maintain our brand identity, our design team will not redesign anything offered on Stokes for purchase elsewhere.

Business Cards

Our design team has (or will) send you your business card designs. As business has evolved, agents hand out fewer business cards, so it makes sense to buy fewer cards that are of higher quality. We recommend the Moo Standard Business cards in the standard size. The Luxe cards are too thick and the larger-sized cards are too large. We haven't yet tried "cotton", so please let us know if you do order and like them!

Custom Presentation Folders

Our design team has (or will) send you your custom presentation folder designs. These folders are fantastic for listing presentations (or any type of presentation.) We recommend ordering the 9.5"x12" reinforced folders from

Custom Home Buyer Guides

Our design team has (or will) send you your custom Home Buyer Guide. These 11-page guides are fantastic to hand out to new buyer clients the first time you meet. These are size 8.5"X11".

Custom Email Signatures

Our design team has (or will) send you your custom email signature. Your email signature features your accreditations and a link to your reviews, which is a soft way to qualify yourself with new clients. If you have any problems adding your email signature to Gmail, FUB, or RealScale, just ask design@ and they can help!

Agent Custom Design Examples
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