New Sale Close Out Process

Completing a sale and providing 5-star service to your clients is the best way to gain a new referral source, get reviews, and market your services. Every time you close a new property, our staff and automated systems complete a detailed close out process that makes sure you leverage this sale to the fullest extent. This all triggers when you request a DA.

Our marketing assistant will email you a "Just Sold" social media image that's sized for Instagram and Facebook. From email, you can long press and share to either or both. A best practice is to connect your Instagram account with Facebook so that, when you share to Instagram, it also feeds to Facebook.

Rate My Client?

It may seem counterintuitive to rate your client, but our systems and automation rely on it. We ask that you rate your clients on a 1-5 scale (just as we're rated.) 5 for "amazing", 4 for "great", 3 for "I'm not sure", and 1-2 for "not good."

Review Request Automation

Clients who are rated 4-5 stars receive an automatic email from you that asks them to leave you a review online. This triggers the day after closing (so it's very important to keep the closing dates of your transactions current.) If a client is rated 3 stars, then they won't receive a review request from you, but they will receive an email from your broker that asks them to fill out a survey. (You'll be surprised just how many "3-star" clients actually loved working with you.) If a client is rated 1-2 stars, then they don't receive any email for feedback or reviews.

SOI Nurture Program

We have a very detailed SOI Nurture Program that revolves around keeping your SOI Spreadsheet current. At close out, we update your SOI Spreadsheet based on the transaction type and client rating.


Buyers who are rated 4-5 stars are automatically added to your SOI Spreadsheet. Our marketing assistant does email you to remind you this is taken care of, which prompts you to let them know if they shouldn't be added. The assumption is that buyers are moving into the property they just closed.


Sellers are not automatically added to your SOI Spreadsheet. This is because we assume that sellers are moving away from Austin (and that you will have a buyer transaction also closing if they're not.) If you've rated your seller 4-5 stars, then our marketing assistant will email you to let you know they are not adding them to the spreadsheet, which also provides you a reminder to ask them to add them with an address.

1-3 Star Clients

If you've rated your clients 1-3 stars, then we don't do anything with regards to SOI Nurture. They are not added to your SOI Spreadsheet and we do not email you to remind you that nothing is done.

Your Zillow Profile

Consumers trust Zillow's sales data (right or wrong) so a new sale is an opportunity for you to build your social proof. Our marketing assistant will add your new sale to Zillow on your behalf. We'll need your Zillow password, so please make sure that you've provided this. This is a surprisingly simple and effective way for you to qualify yourself to new leads and referrals.

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