Graphic Design Services

We provide graphic design services at no cost to our agents. If you need any design services, simply email [email protected] and you’ll be taken care of! Below are some tips for working with graphic designers.

New Design Request Checklist

  1. Design Specifications

    What is this and where will it go? Is it a postcard? How big should it be in height by width? Is it a flyer? Single-sided or double-sided? Standard 8.5″x11″? Is it something you’ll put online? Instagram and/or Facebook?

  2. Colors & Fonts

    We’ll typically use our Brand Identity, but sometimes you’ll step outside of it for “fun” things like invitations. Make sure and include any details! The designers will use our brand identity by default and you’ll need to use our BI for most designs.

  3. Images

    You know what you want this design to look like, so you’ll want to include any images and icons you want to use in the design. There are TONS of free stock photography resources online.

  4. Layout

    It’s typically best to include a past design that you can reference for layout and overall look. If you do, then simply markup the existing design and provide that. If you don’t have an existing design, then you’ll need to provide a wireframe for the layout.

  5. Copy

    Copy is simply what the design will say. Make sure to type out exactly what you want and where. If the designer can copy/paste your copy, then it will help them avoid mistakes.

  6. Calls to Action

    A “Call to Action” or “CTA” is what you want people to do when viewing your design. Do you want them to scan a QR code? Go to a website? Make a phone call? Make sure your CTA is prominent.

  7. Design Direction

    You’ll need to tell the designers what you want this to look like! You’ll typically provide one (or sometimes two or three) examples and then tell them what you do and don’t like about it.

Helpful Tools

Screenshot and markup tools are incredibly helpful in the design process. Likewise, screen video capture tools can be helpful because you can talk about what you like and don’t like. The following programs can save you hours of time!

Helpful Resources