SOI Nurture Program

Every agent knows that their SOI is the best source of new, great business. Every agent also knows that they should consistently follow up wtih their SOI, and most don't. We do because we make it easy. At close out, our marketing team updates your SOI spreadsheet, which automates the annual items of value. Our newsletters and market updates automatically send multiple times per month. All you have to do is remember to occassionally check in with your SOI and service the referrals that roll in!

How do I get started?

To get started, you must complete your SOI Spreadsheet Build Out. Instructions are available here.

The SOI Nurture Program Consists of 72+ Automatic Annual Touches!


High value item. Birthday cake balls hand delivered to their door.


Mid value item. emailed to them on their home purchase anniversary.


Austin specific real estate newsletters sent from you.


Weekly market updates that include sold, pending, and new listings in their neighborhood.

How does it work?

  • At close out, you rate your clients 1-5 stars.
  • Buyer clients rated 4+ stars will be added to your SOI sheet and the program. Marketing will email you to remind you, which gives you the opportunity to give specific instructions (maybe they live at a different address.)
  • Seller clients rated 4+ stars are not added to your sheet by default. Marketing will email you to ask if you would like them added.
  • Clients rated 1-3 stars will not be added to the sheet and you will not receive any reminder emails from marketing.
  • You always have access to your spreadsheet so you can make manual adjustments any time.
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