Policies and Best Practices

Like everything at Bramlett, we keep things as simple as possible. We do have specific Policies and Best Practices (more on that below), but you can memorize our two highest-level policies and you’ll always get it right.
  1. Always Put Your Client’s Best Interest First

    This is pretty straightforward. Think about what is in your client’s best interest before your own. This means that you will sometimes lose a commission, but that’s okay. Over your career, doing what’s right for your clients ultimately means much more success for you. Sometimes the client is wrong about what’s in their best interest. When that happens, you need to explain to them why that’s the case. However, your commission, convenience, etc, should never come into play.
  2. Ask Questions | “Two Brains” | “Sanity Check”

    Any time you encounter something that you haven’t seen before, you need to “ask questions”, “get a second brain on it”, or “get a sanity check.” (These all mean the same thing!) You likely have great intuitions and what you think is the right thing to do likely is! However, consequences in real estate are huge and it doesn’t take a lot of time to make sure that you’re correct. Call a senior agent (or agent), management, or leverage the Facebook Group. (We prefer the Facebook Group so that others can learn!)

Policies & Best Practices: What is the difference?

Policies: Absolute Requirements
Our policies are simply requirements. You always have to adhere to our policies. We sometimes separate something into a "policy for company leads and a best practice for personal deals." There are sometimes exceptions to policies, but they're rare. You have to get approval from senior management to go against a policy.
Best Practices
Our best practices are things that we've learned over the years are the best way to do something. We'll almost always require best practices for company leads (which means they're a policy) because we know that they help you most efficiently close deals and help your clients. However, if you don't want to "practice a Best Practice" on your own deals, you're free to do so.
Links to specific policies and best practices are available at the above menu and below here:

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