General Policies & Best Practices

General Support / Questions

Any time you ask a question, let us know where you first looked for the answer and also propose a solution (let us know what you think the right answer is to your question.) This will help you learn how to navigate the Company Guide better, it will help us improve the Company Guide, and it helps you better learn the answer to your question for future reference.

Office Mail

Avoid having anything sent to the office, and especially avoid having anything of value sent to the office. There is usually someone there to receive deliveries, but it becomes overly complicated to make sure that you receive whatever was sent. It’s best to have anything sent directly to you. We do check the mail once/week and we notify agents whenever they have anything there that was sent to them.

Disbursement Authorizations & Contract Packages

We review any contract package within 1 business day. If you submit for a DA on Monday at 5pm, it will be reviewed by Tuesday at 5pm. If you submit on Friday at noon, it will be reviewed by Monday at noon. It’s a best practice to submit contract packages at least 1 week before closing. This is work that has to be done, so why not do it early? If you hate paperwork, please consider using our very affordable $100/file transaction coordination and they’ll handle it for you.

Helpful Resources