Leasing, Lease Invoices, & Payment

At a High Level

  • While we do support leasing services, our company does not focus on them. Our energy is spent helping our agents help their clients buy and sell as many properties as they can!
  • Lease checks are generally handled slowly. Leasing agents usually start pestering you for payment or you will have to start pestering the landlord rep for your tenant rep payment.
  • Your landlord clients generally have a less than stellar experience. Leasing is just not that pleasant. They will now associate you with that experience.
  • You will likely have to pester your landlord client for payment. This is not pleasant and you are now associated with that.
  • Many renter clients have bad experiences with their new landlords. They will come to you for legal advice that you're not qualified to give. You will want to help them, which is also a time suck.

How to Enter a Lease and Generate an Invoice

Our Process, Policies, (and more advice)

  • It is your responsibility to generate the lease invoice and provide it to your landlord (if you represent them) or to the landlord's agent (if you're representing the tenant.)
  • If you've collected the first month's rent from the tenant as payment, we do not accept personal checks. Any personal check from a tenant will simply be destroyed.
  • If you're representing the landlord, it's your responsibility to make sure that payment makes it to the office. It's often easiest for you to personally collect payment (via Venmo or similar) and to then deliver a check to the office.
  • Marelise is the only person who handles lease checks. She checks the mail for checks once a week on Monday.
  • As soon as a check is received, Marelise updates the transaction in RealScale with notes on when it was received and when any checks were mailed.

Do You Need to Check on a Check?

  1. First, check RealScale for any notes. If you don't see any notes, then copy a link to the transaction.
  2. Email [email protected] to ask for an update. Include a link to the transaction in RealScale.
  3. Remember that Marelise checks mail only on Mondays. Please take note of that when you email [email protected]
  4. Include any details that you think might be helpful.

We highly discourage everyone from engaging in any leasing activities. There are always much more profitable things to do than take a renter client and it's in your and your client's best interest for you to refer them to someone who specializes in leasing if your clients need landlord services. Your core competency is not in leasing and you should set a hard boundary that you won't do it.

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