We're huge proponents of great tech. We also abhor bad technology. We like to keep our tech stack lean and truly helpful. Any time we consider a new piece of tech, we ask ourselves two questions: 1) Is it easy to use? 2) Will it save everyone time? If the answers are "yes", then we implement.
RealScale is our brokerage management platform. We use RealScale to manage DAs, run reports, and view brokerage analytics. Our Listing Coordination and Transaction Coordination team use RealScale's project management features to automate and manage tasks and to communicate. RealScale is an in-house app that we've developed. We actively build and improve its features.

FollowUpBoss is the best real estate-specific CRM on the market and we've worked with this platform since 2012. All of our leads are distributed through FUB and FUB tracks your communication to your leads and SOI (anyone in your database.) This allows you to easily see who you need to F/U at any given time. FUB is an extremely feature-rich platform.
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