Client Portal Tool

Our proprietary Market Update tool is incredibly feature-rich and under constant development. It is a superior alternative to the Matrix Portal. We will always keep the most up-to-date video walkthroughs and information here. (More info after the video.)

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Our Client Portal Features the Following Advantages to Matrix:

  • Clients are subscribed immediately. There is no need for them to click on a link to activate a search.
  • Email open tracking. Matrix only tracks web visits. We track email opens + visits. We’ve learned that many users never click through on emails, but are heavily engaged with our emails. (These users would be lost to Matrix.)
  • Client property view history. Matrix only tracks client favorites. We track favorites + their property view history. We’ve learned that most users view properties without favoriting. You would never know about these users with Matrix.
  • Deep FUB Integration. You now have one system to manage your clients, rather than two. Your FUB Smart Lists are now smarter. You now have deep insight into your clients’ behavior.
  • Opportunity for Innovation. We’re already road mapping some really cool features like “automatic sold comps” for properties. We want to hear about all of your ideas to improve this amazing tool.
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