FollowUpBoss is extremely feature-rich. It's so feature-rich that many agents get overwhelmed when they begin using it. FUB has many, many great features that you can add over your career, but it's important to understand the basics first. When learning FUB, you must "eat it one bite at a time" rather than "trying to swallow in one gulp."

  1. Upload Your Database

    Before you do anything you need your SOI/database imported into FUB. FUB makes it easy and you can simply upload a spreadsheet. The more time-consuming piece is consolidating your database into that spreadsheet. Importing is easy and a quick video is available right in the app.

  2. Understand Tasks and Smart Lists

    FUB is great at a lot, but its main purpose is to make sure that you follow up with all of your leads and past clients. This is accomplished through tasks and smart lists. You can certainly move on to Step 3 (Daily F/U Workflow) without an understanding of tasks and smart lists, but it helps considerably to understand how they work.

  3. Build and Execute Your Daily F/U Habit

    Agents juggle so many tasks every day that a daily routine is often lost. Without a routine, the daily "whirlwind" always gets in the way and the truly "most important" task of following up with your sphere and leads isn't consistently accomplished. We ask everyone at Bramlett to commit to 30 minutes a day of follow-up - first thing in the morning because it's truly the most impactful thing you can do.

What Else?

There are many, many time-saving features you can leverage in FUB. Email/text templates (both company and custom), batch emails, custom smart lists, mail merge, birthdays... These just scratch the surface. After you're consistently executing your Daily F/U (every day, every week) then it's time to dig in!

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