How We Use Drones in Real Estate (Part 2)

Posted Dec 27, 2020

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Drone photography and videos have popped up in a number of real estate listings. They are quickly becoming the go-to option for professional Texas real estate companies and agents looking to attract potential home buyers. In a previous article, we went over helpful drone secrets and tips focused on preparing for a shoot. In this article, we discuss actually taking photos with a drone to enhance your property listings. If you are thinking of taking your own drone photos, it’s worth looking at our professional photography team at Bramlett Residential. Let’s look at our professional tips and secrets on drone photography.

1. Adjust Camera Settings and Flight Mode

Basic rules of photography still apply when taking photos and video on drones. We understand the importance of adjusting your camera’s setting before going up in the air and adjusting accordingly once your drone is flying. Our photographers adjust exposure and aperture manually if possible but leave your camera on autofocus to avoid fuzzy pictures. Shoot photos in RAW and at 3:2 aspect ratio for maximum resolution and easier editing afterwards. Experiment with your drone’s autonomous flight modes and pick a mode with a slower speed. A drone that is flying fast will not necessarily take great photos.

2. Keep Drone Low When Shooting Photos

One of the most important tips for taking photos with a drone, particularly for real estate photos, is to fly your drone low when taking photos. Aerial photos are not the only real estate photos drones can take. While aerial photos do require flying your drone at a high altitude, for most other types of photos, stay closer to the ground. Taking photos high up often results in the frame being filled with roof and sky. At Bramlett Residential, we like the focus on the house itself, so we’ll keep the drone position about 20 to 25 feet from the ground.

3. Highlight the Strengths of the Property

Drone real estate photography has become a huge part of effective real estate marketing. Aerial photos are perfect to highlight extensive acreage and multiple buildings. We highlight features like swimming pools and manicured gardens by taking a bunch of angled shots of them with the house to illustrate the space to potential buyers.

4. Take Several Pictures

Since drones typically produce digital photos, we won’t be stingy on the number of shots we take. We’ll take many photos of the property and its best features at multiple angles. At the end of the shoot, you will be able to sit down and choose the best shot. Take as many photos as your drone camera’s data storage allows. The last thing you want is to schedule another photoshoot or video shoot session because you didn’t get enough good photos the first time.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Edit Photos

No drone photography guide, or even a regular photography guide, would be complete without a mention of photo editing. Even the best photographers edit their photos, so we make sure to make the necessary tweaks to your real estate images before uploading them to an official listing. Using photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop, we reduce shadows, tweak colors, adjust white balance, and straighten composition to optimize your photos. Just a few adjustments can take your real estate listing from average to incredible!

At Bramlett Residential, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. We’re here to provide you, as a homeowner, everything you need to know about the benefits of using drones for real estate photography. Ready to sell or buy a home? Contact us today to speak with one of our real estate professionals at (512) 872-3441 to get started!

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