We absolutely love working with our clients and we love nothing more than helping them have a wonderful buying or selling experience. Over the years, our clients have graciously written 1000+ reviews about their experiences on sites like Google, Yelp, & Zillow. We've collected them here.


My husband and I were making the move from Ottawa, ON to Austin, TX and had a million questions about the city, state, and country. We worked with Elizabeth Michael, who was able to give us the lay of the land and answer all of our questions (and then some!). Elizabeth worked with us to help find us a rental home that met our specific needs (e.g. 3+ bedrooms, fenced yard, dog friendly, 20-minutes from downtown, and within our price range). We couldn’t be happier with where we ended up!

Elizabeth Michael Renter

I was referred to Nancy Guilloteau at Bramlett Real Estate by a coworker who had a great experience working with her for a rental property in the ever-exclusive Clarksville. My fiance and I then decided to reach out for finding our own rental in Hyde Park for our growing family. Nancy truly went above and beyond for us! Besides knowing the ins and outs of Austin real estate trends and the market, she always stayed on top of the listings to get us in the door first and keep our applications in front of any owners. Nancy’s guidance also came through when reviewing final contracts and negotiations, showing how much she really had our best interest at heart. We hope to be able to call on her again soon when buying our first home!

Buyers Nancy Guilloteau Renter

We had Nancy Guilloteau help us during our search to rent a home in our dream neighborhood.

She was such a pleasure to work with every step of the way. She’s punctual, friendly, and very knowledgeable .

Even though we had high aspirations, and the market was even tougher than we expected, her fast responses and persistence got us to the top of the application list.

We are so glad she was recommended to us, and I think anyone, buying or renting, would benefit from seeking her out too.

Buy & Sell Nancy Guilloteau Renter

Corrine is an amazing person! She knew from the beginning that we were in a time crunch to find a rental property. We saw 8 properties on the first day and had several more lined up just in case. She was always quick to respond with questions and concerns and was on the ball when our rental wasn’t ready on time. She is a kind and genuine person and will have your best interest at heart.

Corrine Elgin Renter

Yolanda helped me find my rental and I couldn’t be happier with her service. She was extremely helpful, open, transparent, and reliable through the whole process. She is absolutely wonderful to work with.

Lease Renter Yolanda Johnson

I just wanted to take the time and appreciate Yolanda Johnson for helping my mom and I find a rental house here in Austin,Tx. After struggling and having no luck finding a home, Yolanda herself stepped in and committed to making sure we had a place to move to right in time before our lease to our apartment would be over. She was determined to help us out.

Lease Renter Yolanda Johnson

I’ve worked with the Bramlett Real Estate firm three times — once in ~2014 prior to a cross-country move. Bailey on their team helped to find a rental house that was perfect and had it all ready when I got to Austin.

A couple years later I was ready to buy in Austin and reached out to Bailey again, who worked with me for a couple months until I found the perfect house — it was a dream and the process was made super smooth by her professionalism and experience in the CATX market.

Fast forward to 2019, and due to work and life obligations I’ve moved to the West Coast — and I leaned on Bailey and her team (many people worked on it) to sell my house. They did the whole thing remotely while I was already on the West Coast, helped to clean and stage my house, took awesome photographs and prepared perfect documentation on the house — and in the first week after putting the house on the market we had 2 offers and one over asking. Then the process was super smooth through closing, with their team using a task management system to help me stay on top of documentation and all my tasks and deadlines. Not once was I stressed about missing a deadline because I knew her team would follow up and had it all as ready as it could be for me. They just rocked it.

Whether you’re renting, buying, selling I’m 10000% confident in the Bramelett Residential team and as they say in some industries — you don’t have to trust me or this one review – trust their documented processes and history of success. They know real estate in the Austin/central Texas area and make the process as fun and easy as it can be.

Keep Austin weird and please keep the lights on for me!

Bailey Moran Buy & Sell Renter

We worked with Ryan Spencer to find a rental property in Austin, Texas. The search was done remotely as we were moving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and didn’t have a chance to visit any properties in person. Ryan was such an invaluable resource to our move providing recommendations on areas that might work best for us, leading us to online resources, calling to check up on properties we were interested in, and FaceTiming us in to showings for our top picks. We loved working with Ryan and would not have found our place without him. We highly recommend him, particularly for anyone who is facing a cross-country move to Austin!


We had the absolute pleasure of working with Vicki Duran when our family first moved to Austin 3 years ago and she helped us find a rental home. We thoroughly enjoyed her professionalism and expertise and we most recently took advantage of her services to buy our first home and become homeowners in Texas!!! Her response time to our calls, text messages and emails has always been outstanding and she is very easy to work with and has a wealth of knowledge about the local area. She was very attentive to our needs and what we were looking for in a home and answered all of our questions with care and concern. We highly recommend her for all of your realtor needs.

Renter Vicki Duran

Will was very friendly and helpful in sending us much information and helping us navigate initial house hunting and lenders in Austin. He was very responsive by phone and e-mail with our many questions. A great fit and highly recommended.

Renter Will Mackintosh

Eric helped my wife & I find tenants for our old home. We moved into a new place and weren’t sure if we wanted to buy or sell. We talked to Eric and he gave us good information on what we could expect for a rental price and what we could expect if we were to sell. Even though he would make more money if he sold the house, he didn’t pressure us one way or the other. We decided to keep it as a rental and tried to find tenants on our own through Craigslist, which went nowhere pretty fast. We called Eric and he had his photographer out the next day, the property listed the following day, and a 2 year tenant in the property within a week. I’d say he’s good at what he does.

Eric is great because he actually knows what he’s talking about and puts his clients first. Talking to him about real estate is impressive. No matter what area of town or what subject, he can give an intelligent response off the cuff, he doesn’t have to check Google or with a colleague and then get back to you. We’ll definitely use him in the future and would be confident referring any friends or family to him.

Eric Bramlett Renter

I contacted Eric after reading all these reviews and couldn’t be more pleased. Eric and his staff wasted no time getting my home staged, listed and now rented in under one month after being on the market for 6 months with another Realtor ! Eric and his staff provided me with daily updates on showings, feedback and foot traffic which only tells me he advertised my property in every way possible. Three words…Professional, determined and organized….however I could go on. I would recommend Eric to anyone looking to buy or sell in Austin Texas area hands down!

Eric Bramlett Renter

I met Ryan Spencer through a friend. From the beginning of the process of looking to rent a house, Ryan was such a help. He answered every question we had & responded to our emails, calls, or texts within such a timely manner. This process can be extremely stressful but Ryan definitely helped relieve some of our anxiety’s. My roommate and I now have the cutest house & are comfortable. Shoutout Ryan for being an awesome realtor, we appreciate you.


Eric has helped me with my rental property in Austin for a little over 3 years now. When I called him, I had an uncooperative tenant who claimed there were a number of necessary repairs. Eric helped get her out, brought in some trustworthy vendors, and got it in shape to list for sale or lease. Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to sell during this time because there are a number of foreclosures in the neighborhood, but Eric has helped me find good tenants both times we’ve listed for sale and then realized we can’t get the price we need. Eric is always extremely responsive & professional. I can’t even count all the numerous texts, emails and phone calls we’ve exchanged. I’ve dealt with a number of Realtors over the years, and he is the most impressive and the marketing reports he emails is also very helpful for a busy mom like me.

Eric Bramlett Renter

I was referred to Eric by a friend a few months ago. I was considering another rental property (gotta pay for the kid’s college somehow). This will be my second rental property, but its been more than 10 years since I purchased my first so Eric has been helping understand which emerging areas of Austin still have upside for appreciation and balancing that with cash-flow. Right now is bad time to make a mistake as many areas are overpriced from an investment standpoint.
Eric’s knowledge of the market, the city, and the industry is really impressive
I have looked at a few options with Bailey and while I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet, I have had a really good experience so far.
I know I will find something that will work out well and I have feel really comfortable with Eric and Bailey.
I truly recommend Eric & his team to anyone who needs help in the Austin real estate market!

Bailey Moran Eric Bramlett Renter

Some realtors just want a quick buck, then there are others who go above and beyond to satisfy the client regardless of the payout. Eric Bramlett and his team were very knowledgable of the entire Austin area, which was crucial as we relocated from California. Even though we decided to rent for a year to get to know the area, Eric still helped us find a rental home and even helped facilitate our rental agreement. We didn’t even ask for help with the rental search. He offered it and we couldn’t appreciate his help enough! Bases on our experiences with Eric Bramlett, we will use him in the future if we decide to buy a home in the Austin area.

Eric Bramlett Renter