Aamir Penkar

Nov 17, 2023

Absolute max number of stars for Realty Austin and Sally. I went through a somewhat rough process with multiple builders and was
working against a fast-approaching timeline. This was my first experience buying a house, so lots of new information to absorb in a short
period. Sally expertly walked me through all of the different processes and decisions many many times over until I was assured of moving
forward with the best possible decision I could have made. She even set up multiple reminders for me to follow up with
sales/inspectors/building super etc. hence taking away any reasonable avenue to “yell at the real estate agent” for anything.
Sally also provided various contacts for many things associated with the purchase; financing, inspections, and movers. It was critically
invaluable to have her on my side much time as the point of contact with the builder or sales or site-super etc. due to my own work and
travel schedule. Somehow she made it work. She also spent a lot of time helping with the walk-through and follow up and never missed a
meeting! Thank you so much, Sally
I have already linked a friend (who will be needing help from her soon) to Realty Austin, and will send close friends directly her way. ” I
cannot thank Sally enough. I had some unbelievable experiences along the way; really bad ones with the builders and was very thankful
to have Sally there to guide me around brick walls, which would have otherwise stopped me from being in my new home today.

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