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We are an intentionally small team of agents. Many companies measure their success by their number of agents or sales. We measure our success by the number of happy clients we help. We've learned over the years that when you focus on client happiness, the success follows.

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Eric Bramlett
Owner / Realtor®
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Ali Bramlett
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Bailey Moran
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Tara McGuire
Realtor®, CNE
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Will Mackintosh
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Kasey Gilliam
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Vicki Duran
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Lauren Yoder
Broker Associate
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Ann Nye
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Craig McGuire
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Linda Baddour
Realtor®, CPA, GRI, PSA, ABR and HFR
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Simon Vand
Realtor®, GRI, E-PRO
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Philip Myers
Realtor®, CNE and CIAS
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Patrick Hallett
Realtor®, GRI
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Tyson Hombroek
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Vivia Robertson
Realtor®, GRI & ABR
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Joe Gage
Realtor®, GRI
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Morgan Motley
Realtor®, RENE
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Jeremy Vandermause
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Rob Gordon
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Becky Welch
Realtor®, GRI, ABR
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Sarah Crowson
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Trey Blanco
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Crystal Hirst
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Annette Patterson
Realtor®, GRI
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Lauren Salazar
The McGuire Team
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Yolanda Johnson
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Steve Crossland
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Molly Parks
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Lindsey Pearlstein Smith
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Lynn Wise
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Julie Stoakley
Associate Broker
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Gina Lochner
Realtor® | Relocation Specialist | Buy, Sell, Rent and Relocation
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Corrine Elgin
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Abby Martin
Realtor®, GRI
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Jan Daum
Broker Associate, MS, MEd
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Zoe Wafelbakker
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Ashley Figur
Realtor®, GRI, Certified New Home Specialist
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Jean Holm
The McGuire Team | Realtor®, GRI, SRE, CNE
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Nancy Guilloteau, PhD
The McGuire Team | Realtor®
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Ruth E. Powers
Powers Property Group | Realtor®
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Evonne Gottsch
Powers Property Group | Realtor®
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Angele Moyseos
Realtor®, Broker Associate, CLHMS
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Stephanie Hopkins
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Elizabeth Michael
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Robin Deshotels
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Robert Kim
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Brooke Roeder
Roeder Group | Realtor®
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Lisa Sterling
Realtor®, ABR
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Meaghan Marks
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Anna Uliassi
Broker Associate
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Vikki Davis
Realtor®, GRI, ABR
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Claire Moore
Roeder Group | Realtor®
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Olga Lopez
Sales and Leasing Agent
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Marcy Dickson
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Sally Pierce
Realtor®, ABR, GRI, RENE, and WCS
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April Moreaux
Realtor®, RENE
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Tracey Guttes
Realtor®, CRS, CLHMS, SRES
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Sarah Spacek
Realtor®, SRS, ABR, PSA, RENE
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Teri Schock
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Margaret Jolly
Realtor®, CNE, ABR, SRS
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Elizabeth Varada
Roeder Group | Realtor®
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Rachel Pulliam
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Xuan “Swan” Redding
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Tammy Costello
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Haval Abbas
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Jackie Ogier
Realtor®, GRI, ABR
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Kristen Balke
Realtor®, ABR®, CLHMS, Guild, CREN
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JC Adams
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Carson Gallagher
Realtor®, GRI, CNE, MCNE, RCS-D
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Kiel Schmidt
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Sally Burns
Realtor®, MBA
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Kevin Wilhelm
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Elle Klein Garrison
Realtor®, Broker Associate
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Barrett Sandefur
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Shara Hicks
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2300+ Client reviews!

I am grateful for Shara’s help in selling an inherited family piece of property in the panhandle. There were lots of stall times in the transactions, and there were four co-owners that owned part of the property. Shara consistently stayed on top of all the issues, and we recently were able to sell the property. There were several times when I wondered if the transaction would ever happen. Shara helped make that happen.

Shara was unbelievable through the entire process. I am a first-time homebuyer, and she has been more of a mentor to my girlfriend and me than anything else. She constantly looked out for our best interests which made the process longer, but you could tell she truly cared about us. I know of a few friends planning on buying in Austin late this year/early next year, and I will definitely be recommending them to her.

Shara was so helpful, a fantastic realtor, and a friend to us during this whole process. Buying in this market was a complete learning experience for my husband and me and Shara helped us throughout from connecting us immediately with a mortgage broker to get our nances in order, showing us homes in various locations with various price points to even helping us with closing details and beyond by recommending contractors to work on our new


ANYTIME we wanted to look at a home Shara made herself available. Even coordinated someone else to show a home while she was out of town on vacation. She never made us feel uncomfortable for asking so many questions or for changing our minds along the way as we figured things out. We were very impressed by her knowledge of all the areas we looked at; pointing out the shopping, dining, and locations for our other interests. She quickly picked up on what we needed (wanted) probably before we did! lol

I would highly recommend Shara to anyone looking for a realtor. We were so impressed that we quickly decided that we would want her to sell our home as well. We appreciate her for making the buying process a success and we’re hoping the sale of our home is just as triumphant!

We had such an amazing experience with Shara, it is our second time buying a house with Shara, very smart, knowledgeable, responsive, and thoughtful. This time we had to buy it remotely while we are in a different state, and Shara did her best in showing us the property and answering all our questions. It was our pleasure to have her as our agent and we are looking forward to having more work with her!

Purchasing a new home in the current real estate market for the North Austin metro area can be a very long and stressful process. Recently Shara Hicks, just helped us successfully complete that process. From helping us obtain a mortgage advisor so that we could pre- qualify to understanding our requirements and helping us locate appropriate properties to supporting us through the nal closing process, Shara was always responsive and very important to us nally ending up with a new home that we are extremely happy with. On top of that, she is just a very nice and pleasant person to work with when you are dealing with competitive bidding against other buyers for many properties. While I don’t expect to be in the market to purchase another house here any time soon, I would highly recommend Shara as an agent to anybody who is.

Shara was professional and a pleasure to work with.

We did it! With Meaghan’s help we were able to sell my home in this crazy market. When it came time to list my home I didn’t hesitate to reach out to her as she was the one who helped me purchase it. Working with Meaghan is easy, despite the market throwing many challenges she stayed the course and adjusted as the housing market rapidly changed landscapes. If you are looking for a Realtor who will take the time to listen to what is needed when it comes to buying OR selling… She’s it. I’m grateful for her patience, the way in which she works with others and the time she takes to care for the well being of her clients. A gem in a crowded Realtor arena. Thank you Meaghan Marks for always looking out!!!

We worked with Elizabeth Michael for over a year to prepare our home for sale. She was kind and patient, but most of all she was very knowledgeable and thorough. It’s a long and at times arduous process preparing a home to list, but with her help we were able to optimize the space with staging and address the minor concerns that came up in our pre-listing inspection. I highly recommend her for your next sale or home purchase!

Vicki went above and beyond to ensure our experience of purchasing a new home remotely went as smooth as possible. I can’t tell her thank you enough!

Our family was very fortunate to have Linda Baddour at Bramlett as our realtor. She worked hard to sell our house quickly and for a great price, and was very diligent in finding us our new perfect home for our family. Linda was friendly, attentive and responsive throughout our home selling and buying process, and we would highly recommend her.

We worked with Robin Deshotels, and it was an absolute pleasure. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, especially since we were first-time homebuyers. Highly recommend!

Working with Vikki Davis was an absolute pleasure. They were professional, responsive on the weekends, and incredibly knowledgeable about the market. They made the entire process seamless, from finding listings that matched my criteria to negotiating a great deal. I couldn’t be happier with my new home and highly recommend Vikki to anyone looking for top-notch real estate service!

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