Posted Jan 22, 2021

I sent this to our office this morning and thought I would share it here: I recommended this to an agent yesterday and thought I would share with everyone. It’s another one that you don’t really need to read the book – the concept is basically a parable and fits…

Posted Jan 22, 2021

Hello and we hope you’re doing well! This year has been one for the books every way you look at it and the Austin real estate market was no exception. We received confirmed market statistics from our friends at Independence Title, which are available for download here. These stats certainly…

Posted Jan 10, 2021

I hope you’re doing well and that you had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family! We certainly did, but there was one big change this year: There was absolutely no seasonal market slowdown. Newsletter Highlights: Sellers are behaving normally and haven’t yet started listing their homes. Buyers are…

Posted Jan 8, 2021

This winter has been unprecedented in its amount of buyer demand in the Austin real estate market. While we generally see a seasonal market slowdown in the winter months, that did not happen in 2020 & 2021. Anecdotally, we’ve seen properties collect 90+ offers, which is something we have never…

Posted Dec 27, 2020

Drone photography and videos have popped up in a number of real estate listings. They are quickly becoming the go-to option for professional Texas real estate companies and agents looking to attract potential home buyers. In a previous article, we went over helpful drone secrets and tips focused on preparing…

Posted Dec 15, 2020

Drone photography and video is a great way to optimize real estate listings and have become increasingly popular within the competitive Austin real estate market. Learning how to use a drone for real estate is a valuable thing to learn for agencies and real estate agents in Austin. With drones,…

Posted Dec 10, 2020

The competition for marketing real estate property has become more evident in recent years, especially as real estate photography with drones has become more popular. Real estate drone photography is an incredible way to sell your home while meeting the most recent trends. Most home buyers are scouring the internet…

Posted Nov 16, 2020

Hello and we hope you’re doing well and staying safe! I apologize for two newsletters in two weeks, but we received the confirmed market statistics from Independence Title earlier than normal. They’re available for download here. The confirmed statistics are consistent with the first look numbers that we sent last…

Posted Nov 9, 2020

Hello and we hope you’re doing well! We have manually run market statistics for the month of October in order to get a first look at the market’s performance. These numbers are a fantastic way to see how the market is performing, but they aren’t as highly reviewed as the…

Posted Oct 30, 2020

We have a recurring question that we ask in every company meeting: Efficiency Improvements & Unnecessary Friction: Do you have an idea whereby we could make something take less time or run more smoothly? Are we doing anything that could be improved to save time? Why is reducing friction such…

1200+ Client reviews!

Jason M.

Craig McGuire saved us a lot of time and money. His knowledge of market trends and figures provided us with enough confidence to make quick, sound decisions in a very competitive area.

Prasoon S.

We worked with Vicki Duran during our home buying process. Vicki has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process and we were more than pleased with the support we got from Vicki. She’s a great real estate agent to work with and we highly recommend!

Kacie N.

Bramlett goes above and beyond with helping people find and purchase a home. Katie Evans helped us find our perfect home. She was friendly, hard working and communicative! Overall fantastic! We are remote buyers, which can be challenging, but Katie made it so easy! She sent us videos of properties we were interested in and was always keeping us in the loop. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you Katie!!

Ryan P.

I had a great experience with Bramlett Residential. I worked with Vicki Duran for a remote home purchase. She was exceptional! She is incredibly on top of her email and following up on crucial parts of the home buying process. In a market that is this hot, you need a realtor like Vicki. She goes above and beyond when it comes to these time sensitive communications. Also as a remote buyer she was helpful touring places and offering to show me them via video calling. Overall would recommend Vicki and Bramlett residential to anyone purchasing in Austin.

Shelley G.

Working with Kasey has been the best part of my home buying process. She answered my every call and question as a first time home buyer. She was careful, thoughtful, and totally straightforward with me throughout the entire process which I deeply appreciated. Thank you Kasey and thank you Bramlett Residential! I can’t recommend you enough!

Jennifer M.

Craig McGuire has been phenomenal to work with. We were moving from out of state and needed an agent that would show up, work hard, and be our eyes and ears. Throughout our entire buying process, Craig was exactly what we needed. He is super thorough and super knowledgeable about Austin and the surrounding area. We look forward to working with him again in the future and HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to buy in this incredibly hot (and sometimes difficult) market!

Sam S.

I have been calling firms randomly to see how quick they would respond. Linda picked up the phone and right away she did the research on the property that I was interested in. The property was complicated, It was TOD zoned property which was new for everyone. But we wanted to know if this place can be turned into a commercial property and after she and I researched together I can do what I wanted to do with that property. I was impressed that the agent would go this far to research with me for this small of a property.

First we didn’t offer high enough to get the place but AMAZING LINDA kept in touch with the seller’s agent and kept us updated. When the other party’s deal fell through we were the first to make an offer. we offered what she had recommended and got the place. Seriously If it wasn’t for her proactiveness I doubt that we would have gotten this place.

This was the most responsive firm/agent we have ever worked with. Thanks again Linda for your amazing communication skills!

Dacio R.

Katie was really helpful with understanding the housing market of the Austin area. She helped me along the whole process from finding the right house in the different suburbs of Austin, getting a good rate on my mortgage, is even helping me after purchasing the home. Very professional service; would recommend!

Cory R.

Shaun Duffenbach went above and beyond for us while searching for our first home. He was available any time we needed, even if it was a spur of the moment home that we found and wanted to look at or put an offer on. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome realtor!

Weston M.

My family relocated from out of state and worked with Craig to purchase our home in Austin. He is extremely knowledgeable of the local areas and how each of those fit our unique needs to make sure we land in the right spot. He conveyed all negotiations and deadlines in a very professional manner for us to feel comfortable. Extremely responsive. The process was smooth from start to finish. We are so happy with our home and can’t say enough good things about Craig. Highly recommend!

Kyle Harris

Tara was great to work with. To be honest, the entire team was really on top of things and Tara made the whole process seamless. It really felt like a whole team was supporting us and let us focus on other things outside of the immediacy of selling the house. The transaction was great. Tara made good recommendations on the areas to focus on where to concede. Tara was great about being very upfront in regards to her expertise when we were unsure of certain things but would still make it clear the decision was ours. She was really helpful in helping us weigh out the decisions we made and the potential outcomes from those choices.

All in all, it was a really solid experience and an upgrade from our previous realtor. I will happily use Bramlett again.

Rithin .A.N

I had a great home buying experience, thanks to the support and guidance from Katie Evans (Realtor @ Bramlett Residential Real Estate). Some key points: 1. Katie was always available (almost 24×7) to answer my questions and to tour new listings on short notice. 2. I had bad experiences with some other realtors, where they just try to make a sale as soon as possible. Katie was not like that and was patient with my search process. I didn’t feel pressured to bid on sub-standard listings. 3. We toured listings in both South and North Austin locations, I can see that she has in-depth knowledge of the Austin market. 4. I was able to get my ideal home with the first offer itself. Katie has good negotiation skills, the whole process (making offer and amendment negotiations) was smooth and effortless.