Recurring Events


  • Market Watch every Tuesday via Zoom from 10am-11am.
  • 2 AMAs per month on Mondays from 10am-11am.
  • Accountability Groups (varies per group)


  • OKR Meeting on the first Tues of the month at ABOR.
  • Vendor Class on the first Thurs of the month via Zoom.
  • Social Mixer Lunch on the second or third Wed of the month.
  • Masterminds: Cappers, Team Leads, etc…


  • Volunteer Events on a Thursday morning (that is not the same week as a happy hour). Spring & fall events are at Community First. Winter/Summer TBD (indoors).
  • Happy Hours on the first Thursday.
  • Zane FUB Q&A: quarterly on Wednesdays at 10am via Zoom.


  • Holiday / New Year Kick Off Party in January
  • January Review Contest
  • NW Hills 4th of July Parade
  • Ninja Selling Annual Review Class in September and push through October
  • Goal Setting Meetings (1 on 1) from Nov 1 to Dec 31
Helpful Resources