Are You Considering a New Brokerage?

At Bramlett, we're growing....slowly....intentionally. We care deeply about our company culture & what we've built. The best way to protect this culture is to make sure that we grow deliberately & intentionally. We have learned over the years that, when we meet a great agent who's interested in working with us, that's an opportunity that we don't want to miss. Because of that, our doors are always open to other great agents who like to work the same way we do.

Why Do Great Agents Choose Bramlett Residential?

  • Culture

    "Culture" gets thrown around a lot and is a bit of a buzzword. We don't treat it that way. Because we've grown so slowly, we've been able to nurture and grow a culture that we all absolutely love. Our #1 criteria for choosing to work with an agent is whether or not that agent is aligned with our culture. Interested in learning more? We put together a 100+ slide Culture Code deck that goes into great detail. (Don't worry, it's only a 5-10 minute read.) Click Here to Read Our Culture Code
  • Marketing

    We don't like to toot our own horn, but we're kind of experts in marketing. Are you interested in growing your production fast, today? You can tap into our company lead sources. Are you an experienced producer who already has your inbound business dialed? Tap into our social media automation & graphic design support. No matter where you are in your career, you'll benefit from our SOI Marketing Program, which handles your database outreach for you - on autopilot. Our agents all love our newsletters, which bring real business to them from their existing SOI.
  • Newsletters

    Did we mention newsletters? There's a decent chance that you landed on this page because of our newsletters. Our agents have these same newsletters sent on their behalf, from them, to their past clients, current clients, leads, & anyone else they'd like them sent to, completely on auto-pilot. This positions our agents as experts in Austin real estate and turns into real business for them - really. No, really, we can show you case after case where an agent has joined our firm and then seen old contacts (sometimes a decade or more old) "wake up" and contact them for a new sale, a new purchase, or to refer new business to them. Ask us for specific examples and we're happy to give you plenty.
  • Technology & Systems

    We're huge fans of great technology and we use both third party and in house tech - all best in class. Technology falls flat, though, if you don't have the systems in place to implement it. We have developed these systems over 10+ years to provide agents with the most efficient listing coordination support, contract to close services (both buyer & seller), courier services, graphic design, review management, social media marketing, SOI marketing, & more. Click Here to Learn More
  • Brand & Reputation

    We work with great agents and we've built a brand & reputation around that. In 2020, the average Bramlett agent had 9+ years of experience and produced over $10M in sales. We don't like to brag, but it's a fact that consumers & agents in Austin expect a great agent when they see that someone is with our company (our 1400+ reviews online help with this!) We welcome other great, experienced agents & we also welcome awesome up & comers who are aligned with our Culture Code.
  • Autonomy & Support

    We have a simple management philosophy: Find what someone enjoys and is great at. Help point them in that direction and get out of their way. You won't find heavy-handed micromanagement here. However, you will find plenty of support. We host completely optional meetings & lunches every month. We have an incredibly collaborative work environment, as well as great discussion groups through email, Facebook, & Zoom. Senior agents are available by phone and are always happy to help.
  • Frictionless Environment

    Our agents are laser focused on providing phenomenal service to their clients and every brokerage decision revolves around helping our agents succeed in that goal. This becomes evident in what you won't find at Bramlett in as much as what you will find. You won't find cumbersome contract package requirements or silly fees here. You can expect to see disbursement authorizations turned in under 24 hours (and often the same day) and we charge one simple admin fee only after agents have hit their cap. We pride ourselves on keeping our policies & procedures light. We've found that, when we choose to work with others who also value client service as their primary goal, we don't need to include a lot of red tape.

Are You Interested in Learning More?

We'd love to talk with you! Any discussion is purely confidential. If you'd like to chat with any of our current agents about their experiences, we'd also love to set that up.

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