Marketing Automation

Marketing is the life blood of real estate. We recognized that early on and have made massive efforts in our own marketing and in automating our agents’ marketing efforts. When you have solid marketing running in the background, the business seems to fall from the sky.

Company Leads

We generate a very high volume of “warm to hot”, high quality, inbound leads. These come by way of inbound phone calls, webform contact requests, web chats, and property inquiries. These potential clients have generally read about us online, are impressed with our reputation, are pre-sold, and are often pre-qualified. We consider company leads “opportunities” that are available for you if/when you want or need them.

Online Reputation Management

Our agents’ strong online presence isn’t an accident. Our close out process includes updating your Zillow profile for you so that your most recent sales (and your sale count) are always visible online. Review requests to your client are also automated and come from both you and the broker, which gives you the highest likelihood of a 5-star review after closing. The net result is that your social media presence will be much stronger 6 months from now than it is today.


We send Austin real estate focused newsletters on your behalf (from you) to your SOI, current clients, and leads. Most real estate newsletters have lukewarm content and are deleted without being opened. Our custom newsletters are compelling, topical, and extremely well received. New agents almost always comment on new business they’ve received from their current SOI as a result of our newsletters.

Listing Presentation & System

We're not shy about the fact that we have the best listing system & presentation in Texas (and likely in the US.) We've built & refined this system over the course of 1000+ transactions, and our listing presentation has likewise been refined & improved over this time. While I'm sure you have a phenomenal program & presentation, you will take it to the next level when trained on ours. The average listing agent wins less than 50% of cold presentations (non-referrals.) Our system & presentation win more than 80% of cold leads and greater than 99% of referrals.

Buyer Marketing Assets

We happily lean on for neighborhood guides and have those readily available. Most buyers have similar questions about the process & we've designed & make available a fantastic Home Buyer Guide for your clients. We'll help you learn best practices with regards to the specific needs of relocation buyers, first time buyers, luxury buyers, & hyperlocal geographies.

SOI Nurture Program

For years, we heard from agents that they “really should do more with my SOI.” Your Sphere of Influence is the most consistent source of new business, but most agents don’t have a system in place to stay in touch with their SOI. We launched our SOI Nurture Program in 2019, which puts this on auto-pilot for you. It includes neighborhood market updates, newsletters, a home anniversary gift, and a high value birthday gift. It’s effective on its own, and even more effective when you sprinkle in personal emails and phone calls.

Social Media

The easiest way to remind your SOI that you’re great at your job is to share recent sales and reviews on social media. We found that most agents “really need to do this” but never get around to it. So, you guessed it, we automated it! Every time you get a new 5-star review, we’ll email you an image that’s optimized for Instagram & Facebook. We do the same for Just Listed, Under Contract, Sold, and Sold - Buyer Rep events. All you have to do is long press and share!

Graphic Design

You probably have your own great marketing ideas and we’re here to help with that! Our in house graphic design team is available to put together custom web images, mailers, yard signs, and more. We take a pretty laid back approach to this asset and just ask that everyone respect each others’ time and requests. (There’s not any corporate red tape here!)

Are You Interested in Learning More?

We’d love to talk with you! Any discussion is purely confidential. If you’d like to chat with any of our current agents about their experiences, we’d also set that up.

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From Our Agents


I’ve been with Eric & Bramlett Residential since 2013, which basically means that I’ve been here from the beginning. Before moving over, I’d been licensed for 10+ years and had been in and out of real estate. Since then, I’ve consistently sold $10M+ annually. Most importantly, I’ve been able to design my business the way I want so that I can enjoy my life outside of business. I’ve been able to build my business pretty close to 100% listings, which is what I love. The company’s listing presentation, support, and processes allow me to do that. I don’t know that I would have been able to get to this point without them and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it this quickly without them.


I joined Bramlett residential in 2015 as agent #2 on Eric’s team. I’ve seen the organic growth at Bramlett Residential over the years and now see a more deliberate plan for growth. The quality of agents in our brokerage is unmatched. Everyone is a producer, everyone has an attitude of abundance, we are competitive, but we are all hugely supportive of each other. It’s an incredible atmosphere for success. There is no way I could do the volume of business that I do without the support that is provided through Bramlett Residential. I typically carry ~10 pending transactions and ~10 coming soon listings. The support team and the systems they use allow me more time to continue to pull in more business. Over the years, the business that I started from scratch in 2015 has grown into ~$30M/year in sales. When I tell other agents my success story, it clearly seems too good to be true!


I have been with Bramlett Residential for 3 years. I had actually done a transaction with Eric which was a great introduction to how he works. From the beginning, it was obvious to me that we both were working towards the same end goal...he had a client selling a house and my client wanted to buy it. This was a different approach than some of the other deals that I had closed with other agents. After making the decision to move over to Bramlett Residential, I found that he not only cares about his clients but his agents and the industry as a whole. He has been an incredible mentor to me over the years, helping me with processes, client service and building relationships. Bramlett Residential has evolved over the last 3 years as well. With a defined culture, I am surrounded by other agents that share the same passion as me. In a business that can be slightly isolating due to the nature of the work, I feel as though I work with peers that I am able to troubleshoot problems, test new ideas and sometimes vent about my frustrations over a happy hour.


I showed a house this morning and will probably be writing an offer for the 2008 past client who replied to the newsletter sends. Also, another past investor who purchased two homes with me 7 to 8 years ago., and has been receiving the newsletters, contacted me this morning saying he’d like to buy another. I talked with him and now have Joe working with him. I’m still ambivalent about being in production or not, but am acting as if I do want to be for now, just in case. We’ll see how easy it is to manage after CV19 clears when I’m mostly out traveling and exploring though. Either way, I’m very happy we moved over to your setup.


I moved over to Bramlett Residential a little over 4 years ago. After leaving a management position with a leading consulting firm, I decided to take the safe route and joined a national brokerage. After meeting with Eric a couple of times, I made a truly great decision and joined his winning team! This was a career-changing move for me and has since given me the opportunity to achieve financial goals for our family that I could never have realized with the previous brokerage. One of those goals was purchasing a beach house in Port Aransas. The processes and platforms that Eric has provided have helped me to work more efficiently and smarter, not harder. I like the collaborative environment and support from other team members when needed. I feel very grateful and blessed that Eric asked me to join his team!