Carol Parker

Nov 17, 2023

Sally was professional and always told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. She knew when to walk away, give me time
to think, then we always did it her way (which was best). She is my niece, and I looked at her as in a Realtor position. When I disagreed, I
usually voiced my opinion but still did it her way. It is easy to understand why she is outstanding at her job. She truly cares about people
and wants what is best for them. I have seen her go over and beyond what is called for to help the customer. I have sold my last two
homes to the first prospect with zero staging. This time the house needed help! She gave it the “facelift” it needed. She has found her
calling in life. Anyone would be fortunate to have her to sell their home, not just a house.

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