Daniel Osborne

Jul 12, 2023

The punchline…Jen Berbas and her team are a unicorn real estate team. We can’t thank Jen and her team enough for being so fantastic and there for us every step of the way, regardless of request or time of day! If you need an Austin real estate agent, look no further than the Jen Berbas Team at Realty Austin.
The details…I wanted to write a long review as Jen and her team’s service warrants it… A home purchase is one of the most important purchases of your life, so you need to feel the same about who you are working with to support that purchase.
My wife and I had been living in Austin for a few months, we roughly knew the zip code we wanted to be in, but that was the extent of our Austin knowledge. We talked to a few Realtors, but the relationship didn’t click. However, halfway through our first meeting with Jen Berbas, we knew we had a connection.
Jen’s focus is on the long-term happiness of her clients and how she can aid us in making the right home decision. From our initial meetings on, there was no rushed or transactional conversations, no pressure to sign a buyer’s agreement, no being bombarded with homes to look at. Jen actively listened to what we wanted. Her goal was to make us happy and confident, and not feel rushed and pressured in a tight market, and potentially making the wrong decision.
Jen spent a lot of time upfront educating us about the pros & cons of Austin neighborhoods, the recent growth & valuation of the Austin market, considerations between old, recent, and new builds, weather impact and construction considerations, and walking through the terms and conditions of a house contract and what to expect when we do get an offer accepted. She also brings a wealth of quantitative data to support her market insights.
When we started viewing, we were armed with all the knowledge we needed to make decisions on neighborhoods and houses. Jen was honest about homes we viewed, and it helped immensely to have someone trusted to talk to. Jen and her team are also plugged into all the off-market homes and we were always viewing a home on the first available day, typically at one of the first time slots.
In under a month of working with Jen and her team, they found the perfect house for us listed off network. The home had multiple offers and Jen’s expertise in writing the correct offer with the right amount of option and earnest money was the reason our offer was accepted. In the five-day madness of the option period, she organized all the surveys we needed, either she or her team were there for every survey and helped us with results and next steps. She then helped us counter for a few items that needed to be fixed, as well as negotiating the right price for a short-term lease back the sellers needed.
Jen and her team are nothing short of amazing and supportive throughout the entire process and basically available 24×7 for any questions or concerns. In the end, we found our dream house and made new friends along the way, as we know Jen and her team will be there in the future for anything we need.
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