Ephraim Vega

Nov 17, 2023

Sally was on the ball. If I had a question, thought, or concern, there was always a quick turnaround. Being in a different time zone, I
understood things lagged, yet she could get my requests at crazy hours and still get the information quickly. Not to mention, at every
appointment, she was 5-10 early. She listened to the major concerns/needs I had as a client and was able to hone in on the properties
that fit all those needs. I didn’t feel like she was pushing anything that I wasn’t already looking for already. She had the foresight. She was
able to foresee problems that would arise with whatever information we had. Whether this was through the house selection process and
determining the comps, through the inspections making sure we had all the right details, or just through time management and making
sure everyone had time and knew what they needed to do. Her foresight allowed us to solve problems early on and make the whole
buying process smooth. Lastly, her cheerful demeanor made it fun. And that’s a breath of fresh air as buying a home can sometimes be

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