Eric Weisman

May 7, 2024

Barrett helped my family sell our house in Austin as part of a move we were making to
Boston, MA. We were looking to sell quickly but at the right price point given that we
were located in the 78703. Not only did we need to sell quickly, but we were also out of
town for two weeks as we were preparing to list the house, adding stress to our
situation. Barrett took care of everything with tremendous professionalism and
graciousness. He knew exactly the right price to list at so that we got multiple offers and
so that we eventually sold well above the asking price. And while we probably could
have driven up the price further, Barrett encouraged us to go with the right buyer,
someone who was not only qualified, but who also who fit the profile of our
neighborhood. He managed the entire process while we were away, staying in constant
communication, and he ensured we had a seamless experience from contract until
close, allowing us to time our move from Austin to Boston perfectly. While we initially
chose Barrett because he was a good friend, I cannot say enough about his skills as a
realtor. Should we ever move back to Austin (not an unlikely possibility sometime in the
future), I wouldn’t have anyone else help us find a home.

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