Evelyn Ruiz Allie Huber

Aug 21, 2023

Brooke provided incredibly helpful insights with the upmost professionalism. I am incentivized to use a realtor for the company I work for, but I was going to buy a year ago and got a mediocre service. After talking to Brooke, I knew her knowledge and professionalism are far more valuable than the benefits I’d get if I had worked with someone else who isn’t as good as her. She provided guidance but never pressured to buy or even pushed for a house in particular. Homes in certain areas another realtor a year ago called “sketchy” with a look of disgust in her face without backing up her opinion with facts (not knowing if maybe I come from a similar place, or that’s what I can afford so her comment could make me feel uncomfortable). Brooke, on the other hand, gave insights on price comps in that same area, quality of the construction and appliances, the soil situation, etc., so we decided not to buy in that area, but she did that in such a professional and impartial way that is quite impressive. Brooke helped us negotiate with the seller and we ended up getting a home we love. She explained every step of the process very clearly, is quick to respond over text/email and her responses are very well researched. I highly recommend working with Brooke.

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