Garrett Wren

Jul 12, 2023

When moving to Austin, my fiancé and I wanted to buy a house and found the Jen Berbas team. After some consideration, we decided not to buy right away. Instead of dropping us, the Berbas team amazingly helped us find a beatiful place to rent even though they didn’t have to. Two years later, my fiancé and I were ready to buy. Of course we called the Berbas team. Buying a house with them was so easy. They walked us through every process and educated us every step of the way. They of course made sure we made every deadline and made sure we signed ever document that was needed. We of course closed on time! We could not have asked for a better realty team. When the time comes that we want to sell and buy another place, we are not going to hesitate to call the Jen Berbas team. I 100% recommend them!
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