Kenneth & Emily Ashworth

Jul 11, 2023

Patti Tauber became a full partner with us in the planning and execution of the sale of our home. She was always on top of the procedures and details for getting our house on the market, from our very first discussion. She advised us wisely on timing for putting the house on the market, on repairs and touch-ups needed, and on staging and landscaping to show the house to best advantage for a prompt and profitable sale. Knowing we would be apprehensive about what was going on behind the scenes in marketing our house, she kept us apprised all the way, easing our anxiety with her reports and explanations. We always felt we were Patti’s first priority. How many Realtors can place a house on the market on a Tuesday and have two good offers by Friday? Patti worked closely with the prospective buyers’ Realtors and advised us along the way (even though we were on the West coast at that point in time) to mesh the several counter-offers, in order to arrive at a firm sales contract in just days. You can’t beat true professionalism! Not when combined with personal attention and warm, empathetic care for clients. Tens across the board.
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