Jun 7, 2023

Robin was utterly fantastic to work with, and I highly, highly recommend her. My husband and I recently worked with her to find our dream home, and here are some of the many things Robin did that made the process completely enjoyable and helped us find the perfect home: she was incredibly knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods in the area, and helped us identify those that might most meet our needs. Robin was also really well-informed about current properties on the market, and in many cases had had conversations with the sellers’ agent so we had a little extra information about properties we were considering. She was very patient with us as we sorted through options. It took us a bit to find the right house, and she never pressured us and wasn’t afraid to advise us to pass on a house. When we reached the buying and negotiation phase of the process, Robin provided sound, experienced guidance, which was deeply reassuring. She also had a fantastic home inspector and a great mortgage lender she recommended to us, both of whom made those parts of the process really smooth. Lastly, when it came time to close, she actually made the closing paperwork process festive. I genuinely felt that she was really happy for us. A couple of other things to mention – in addition to these incredible professional strengths, you can also tell that Robin really loves her work. (It’s not surprising because she’s great at it, and people often enjoy doing things they’re good at, but it’s worth noting because it made working with her so fun.) She’s also really, really nice – she was always funny, upbeat, and well-humoured, while also being knowledgeable and focused on the job. My husband and I both commented to each other, after she helped us find and buy our dream home, that we are going to genuinely miss seeing her regularly. I’ll end this review by addressing the thing that home buyers probably care most about: we are THRILLED with the home Robin helped us find. She helped us find exactly what we’d been dreaming about.

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